Saudi Police detained woman who wore Miniskirt in Video clip

The Police in Saudi Arabia arrested a woman who wore Miniskirt and appeared in a video posted online. As exposing legs and midriff is banned for women in Saudi Arabia.

The woman was identified as Khulood.

The debate on Social media appeared as after the woman uploaded her video on Snapchat over the weekend. It was rapidly shared across the social media by people who supported her display and by those who opposed it, resulting in an official investigation.

The Police in Riyadh turned her over to the public prosecutor’s office. Alekhbariya television owned by state reported on its Twitter feed, using an Arabic hashtag that translated to “We demand an investigation for the model Khulood.”

In the video clip, filmed from behind, the woman is shown walking through an ancient fort in Ushaiager, a town in Najd Province.

An unidentified person of the Riyadh police said the woman had told the police that she visited the site with her legal guardians (a male relative), usually a father or husband, but sometimes a brother or son, who has the legal authority to control a woman’s movements outside the home. And that video has been put online without her knowledge.


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