“SAY NO TO CORRUPTION”, Multan Region Shining Example For Pakistan

Today this nation asks of each other, did we get freedom from white rulers to serve black rulers and getting out of General Dire’s rifle to sit under the fake democracy? Did we get the freedom to recite “Kalma”, Azan, Namaz, Fasting, Hajj, and Zakat? We had that right 1400 years ago. What were the purposes of Pakistan’s creation, have we achieved those goals.

Despite the passing of 70 years martyrs who sacrificed their lives at the time of Pakistan’s creation address existing Pakistanis that is this the Pakistan of 1947 because this country was started from thorns, on 14th of August when Pakistan did not have any offices, tables, chairs, pen, paper, file cover, paper pins, officials established offices at their residence, made trunks their tables and chairs, secretary starts to sit in Secretariat’s lawns, they use to use thorns to bind officials documents, it is a point to think that this Pakistan had thorns but with those thorns there was a spirit to serve the people, establishing rule of law, constitution of Islamic Society, freedom, provision of health, education facilities and bringing prosperity to the country. The teacher thought of tuition as “Haram”. There was a shortage of Police and Army but it did not have the problem of law and order, there was no tradition of bribery, corruption, favoritism, permit distribution, putting a bad sight on someone else’s property. Today this country which was attained with hundreds of thousand indispensable sacrifices has become the biggest market of adulterated products, corruption is common, civil servants and Police officials including lower scale officials to the top offices bribery has become a norm.

From 1947 to date people who have robbed the country with both hands and reached the peaks of corruption but Allah still awarded this country with honest people who served the nation and selected such honest and sincere persons and if we start to name then one of the names from Police Services of Pakistan Group of Gohar Mushtaq who served as the Regional Director Anti-Corruption Establishment Multan Region from the last one year.

Pakistan’s Biggest province Punjab whose half of population and resources consists of southern Punjab, unfortunately, the darkness of illiteracy is still plaguing the southern Punjab however from such darkness Almighty chose honest and sincere officers who studied from Government Schools and serving the country in all provinces.

Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta was deployed a year ago as Regional Director Anti-Corruption Establishment Multan Region and the biggest division of south Punjab was plagued with corruption and favoritism and officials in Provincial Government departments of all three districts have taken the shape of Mafia and in the form of strong group started sucking the blood of innocent, accessing the situation and being from this area he had knowledge of this area’s problems and after his deployment he made it clear to all the Provincial Government’s departments that now regional director cannot be bought and neither there can run routine of sharing like past.

Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta implemented their best administrative policy, constituted a team of young and honest officers and tasked them to purge Multan region of Corruption on which Almighty helped him and in this effort process of red-handed raids was started and such Provincial officials were raided who has become a hurdle in the prosperity and development of Pakistan from generations. Among arrested officials officers of grade 17-18 who could never be thought that such can happen to them. Gohar Mushtaq put a leash on the politicians and urge them to observe their responsibilities in Assembly, lawmaking and other national matters rather than visiting Police Stations. He also able to 70% eliminates the routine of politicians who visit Government Offices and pressurize the officials for their task the illegal way.

Corruption hollows the society like termite and to control this every possible effort was made and with the special efforts of Director General Anti-Corruption, Anti-Corruption Department was made fully functional, Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta sent back the corrupt officials to their departments from Anti-Corruption Department and new officers who came in the department on deputation were honest, eligible and sincere. In one year recovery of 70,00,000 rupee was made which is a record and actions were taken against all officials without discrimination. Anti-Corruption Department also started Sudden Raids and within a year around 190 officials were arrested from Multan Region. Among the arrested were XENs, SDOs, Police Inspectors, ADLR (Assitant Director Land Record), Deputy Directors.

To elimination corruption from Government departments, Gohar Mushtaq took the support of Civil Society to play their role in the elimination of corruption so that coming generations can be free of this hazard and work for the development of the country. Rather than giving bribe for having legal work done people should file a complaint of such with Anti-Corruption’s Circle Offices or Regional Offices so that corrupt elements can be rectified.

First time in the history of Anti-Corruption Department Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta showed great policy by completely closing the entry of habitual complainants in the offices of Anti-Corruption and as soon as it was found out through computer record that such person is habitual complaint then his new complaint does not entertain. He also eliminated the culture of long hearings and upon finding substantial evidence inquiry is turned into FIR and in case of not finding substantial evidence complaint is disposed of.

With the help of Anti-Corruption Department, training workshops were conducted for Multan Region’s officials and staff so that their performance can be increased, for evoking awareness among civil society Anti-Corruption Department organized seminars and other events through which Government of Punjab’s slogan of “Say No to Corruption” was promoted among people.

Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta is nothing less than a shining star for Pakistan who worked for the good of the country without any fear and time is not far when Pakistan will be purged of Corruption for good and thanks to such blessed people Allah Almighty will always shower its blessings on Pakistan and Pakistan will keep benefiting from the services of officials like Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta, new generation will remember him always for his services against corruption, such officers are an asset to the country and may he live long and we should all work hand in hand with Anti-Corruption to eliminate this hazard from our society.


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