Secret diet of Miss World “Manushi Chillar” revealed

Do you turn green with envy when you see Miss India’s hourglass figure? Here is a diet chart and workout regime that you could follow to attain that perfect figure.

Arushi Verma, Co-founder, FITPASS, and celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, who is the fitness guru of Miss India World 2017 Manushi Chhillar, suggest how to have a fit body:

– Don’t skip breakfast: Skipping breakfast increases hunger pangs by the end of the day.

– Eat regular meals and use smaller plates: Eating regular meals helps to reduce the temptation to snack on food high in fat and sugar.

– Avoid sugar, especially refined sugar.

Here’s a sample menu to help you out

Early morning: Water two to three glasses (warm with or without lemon squeezed)

Breakfast: Plain/unflavoured yogurt with oatmeal or wheat flakes and fresh fruits and seeds or two to three egg whites with avocado, carrot, beets and sweet potato.

Mid-meal: Coconut water followed by fruits.

Lunch: Quinoa/rice/chapati with a bowl of vegetables and shredded chicken/lentils.

Evening: Unsalted nuts followed by fruit or banana and fig smoothie.

Dinner: Chicken/fish (grilled/roasted) with sautéed vegetables (broccoli/carrots/beans/mushrooms/beets).

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