Security forces detained 32 people over involvement in burning girls’ schools in Chilas

PAK TIMES: The law enforcement agencies have detained as many as 32 people on a suspicion of their involvement in the burning incidents of the schools for girls in Chillas and Diamer.

The list of the extremists has been handed over to the Grand Jirga by the security forces for the further proceedings in this regard.

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After the search operation conducted by the security forces, Darail and Tangir have been opened for the traffic and public.

During the operation against the militants, who burns the girls’ schools, at least one terrorist was killed while a policeman embraced martyrdom, earlier on Sunday.

The security official said in a statement that during the search operation, the terrorists opened fire on the officers, after the security forces’ retaliation, one suspect was killed identified as Shafiq.

Unidentified people had burned down at 12 girls’ schools in the Gilgit-Baltistan’s area called Chilasand Diamer district and fled on Thursday night, which causes a panic among the residents of the area.

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