Sell your Wife if you can’t afford to build toilet, Officer tells villager

NEW DELHI: A top government officer in Bihar has been accused of going too far while urging people to install toilets, at a public meeting on Sunday, reported NDTV. “Sell your wife,” Kanwal Tanuj, the District Magistrate of Aurangabad, snapped when a villager said he was too poor to build a toilet.

Tanuj was on a drive to promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Swacch Bharat (Clean India)’ campaign when he made the comment.

Speaking at a village against open defecation, he began by linking toilets with the dignity of women. “It costs 12,000 to build a toilet. Raise your hands and tell me … whose wife is worth less than 12,000?”

A voice piped up from the gathering: “I don’t have money to build a toilet.”

Tanuj, apparently irritated, bit back, “I will talk to you. If that is the case then sell your wife. If that is your mentality then go and auction the dignity of your home.” He also commented that people angled for advance payment under a government scheme for toilets and wasted the money.

The officer was talking about the ‘Ghar ka Samman’ scheme, in which the state’s Nitish Kumar government grants an aid of Rs12,000 to people who want to build toilets.

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