Soldiers in Burma burning bodies of Rohingya Muslims

Soldiers and civilians in Burma are attempting to cover up the massacre of the country’s Rohingya Muslim population by gathering their bodies and burning them, an advocate for the minority group has said.

Chris Lewa, director of the Arakan Project, which monitors violence in Burma’s Rakhine state, said her organization had documented the killing of at least 130 people in one settlement in the Rathedaung region.

She added that there were reports of three other villages where “dozens” of people had been killed.

“A minimum of 130 people have been killed actually we think it’s more,” she told Newsday on the BBC World Service.

“The security forces have encircled villages and then [shot people] indiscriminately, but we also found that – compared perhaps to the violence that took place in October [and] November last year – there is more involvement of the local Buddhist population together with the military.”

She added: “We have reports of at least three other villages where at least dozens of people have been killed.”

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