Special Eid Trains: Pakistan Railways has released schedule

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Railways has issued schedule of the five special trains to be run from different cities to accommodate passengers on Eid-ul Fitr.

Five special trains will be run from June 23-28 while fares will also be reduced by 33 percent for two days of Eid.

The first Eid train will leave Karachi for Peshawar on 23rd of this month, while the second one will depart from Quetta for Rawalpindi the same day.

The third train will leave Karachi on 24th for Lahore, while the fourth will ply between Rawalpindi and Multan on 25th.

The fifth and final special train will leave Multan for Rawalpindi on 28th of this month.

Additional coaches will also be added to the routine trains to accommodate the Eid passengers.

Pakistan Railways has also offered online booking for these special trains from June 14.

پاکستان ریلویز نے عیدالفطر کے پرمسرت موقع پر اضافی رش کے پیشِ نظر مختلف شہروں سے چلنے والی پانچ سپیشل ٹرینوں کا شیڈول جا…

Posted by Pakistan Railways on Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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