SSDO urges independent rights commission for Punjab

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April 01, 2024



Syed Kausar Abbas, executive director of the Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO), emphasised the necessity of safeguarding the human rights of the people of Punjab through the establishment of an independent human rights commission and the enhancement of its authoritative powers.

Abbas advocated for the creation of an independent Punjab Human Rights Commission aimed at protecting the fundamental rights of Punjab’s citizens.

He stressed the importance of addressing human rights violations within a structured framework provided by the rights commission.

SSDO underscored the significance of establishing human rights commissions in every province to ensure the protection of citizens’ fundamental rights, including religious freedom, access to justice, safeguarding minority rights, and promoting gender equality.

Additionally, the organisation urged the provincial government to initiate the establishment of a provincial human rights commission and empower it to take suo motu notices on human rights violations.

Abbas highlighted the effectiveness of the Sindh Human Rights Commission in safeguarding the rights of vulnerable communities in Sindh and urged Punjab to adopt a similar model.SSDO announced its campaign in Punjab to bolster institutional advocacy for the establishment of a human rights commission and pledged assistance to the government in this endeavour.

Abbas called upon the Punjab government to emulate the successful model of the Sindh Human Rights Commission, emphasising its crucial role in promoting and protecting human rights, ensuring accountability, and fostering a culture of respect and dignity for all citizens.

He commended the Sindh Human Rights Commission as a role model for other provinces, citing its positive impact on governance frameworks. Through its advocacy, oversight, and intervention efforts, the institution has played a vital role in addressing human rights violations, promoting awareness, and advocating for policy reforms.

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