Syria: Islamic State took responsibility for deadly blast on Police Station

BEIRUT: The Islamic State (IS) on Tuesday has claimed responsibility for the deadly bomb attack at the police station in the capital of Syria Damascus on Monday which took the life of 17 people.

According to the statement by their Social media accounts, IS said that three its militants armed with grenades, guns, and explosives has executed the attack on the police station on Monday.

The interior ministry of Syria said on Monday that the attack involved two suicide bombers, one of whom managed to penetrate the police station and reach the first floor before his explosives detonated.

But according to the monitor report, the third explosion happened in a car outside the police station, and the Islamic State claim also referred to the third attacker blowing himself up separately from the other two in the police station.

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is a Britain-based monitoring group, 17 people were killed in the deadly attack and 13 were police officers among them.


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