Taj Mahal has no place in the history of India: BJP MLA

In a bid to expedite vilification campaign, India’s ruling party MLA Sangeet Som has spat venom against iconic monument Taj Mahal.

Sangeet Som, the MLA from Sardhana in western Uttar Pradesh, was speaking at a gathering in Meerut on Sunday.

The extremist lawmaker said that The Taj Mahal was built by someone who wanted to wipe out Hindus, reported Hindustan Times.

“Many people were disappointed when Taj Mahal was removed from Indian history. What history are you talking about? The creator of the Taj Mahal (Mughal emperor Shah Jahan) imprisoned his own father. He wanted to wipe out Hindus from Hindustan,” Som is heard as telling a crowd in videos.

“It’s unfortunate if we have such people in our history. I can guarantee that history will be changed,” he added. “Uttar Pradesh government is trying to bring the history back on the right track. UP govt is trying to bring back the history of Lord Ram, Shivaji.”

His controversial remarks come days after Taj Mahal, considered one of the seven wonders of the world, wasn’t mentioned in a Uttar Pradesh tourism booklet and received no fresh funds in the state budget.

This is not the first time the firebrand MLA has courted controversy for his provocative statements. He was earlier accused of making inflammatory remarks during the 2013 Muzzafarnagar riots but was recently cleared of all charges by a special investigation team. In the run-up to the state elections earlier this year, he was also charged with instigating communal hatred after his supporters screened a documentary that allegedly polarised voters.

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