Taliban say women will be stoned to death, flogged in public

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March 29, 2024

The Afghan Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, has issued a disturbing proclamation, vowing to implement brutal punishments against women in public and reaffirming their opposition to Western democratic principles, according to a report by The Telegraph.

In a chilling voice message broadcasted on state television, Akhundzada directly addressed Western officials, dismissing concerns about violating women’s rights by stoning them to death.

“You say it’s a violation of women’s rights when we stone them to death,” Akhundzada stated. “But we will soon implement the punishment for adultery. We will flog women in public. We will stone them to death in public,” he declared, marking his most severe rhetoric since the Taliban seized control of Kabul in August 2021.

These grim statements, purportedly from Akhundzada, who has seldom been seen in public except for a few outdated portraits, emanate from Afghanistan’s state TV, now under Taliban control. Akhundzada is believed to be located in southern Kandahar, the Taliban’s stronghold.

Despite early assurances of a more moderate regime, the Taliban swiftly reverted to harsh public penalties reminiscent of their previous rule in the late 1990s, including public executions and floggings. The United Nations has vehemently criticised these actions, urging the Taliban to cease such practices.

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In his message, Akhundzada asserted that the women’s rights advocated by the international community contradicted the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. “Do women want the rights that Westerners are talking about? They are against Sharia and clerics’ opinions, the clerics who toppled Western democracy,” he remarked.

Akhundzada emphasised resilience among Taliban fighters, urging them to oppose women’s rights persistently. “I told the Mujahedin that we tell the Westerners that we fought against you for 20 years and we will fight 20 and even more years against you,” he stated.

His remarks have sparked outrage among Afghans, with many calling for increased international pressure on the Taliban.

“The money that they receive from the international community as humanitarian aid is just feeding them against women,” lamented Tala, a former civil servant from Kabul.

“As a woman, I don’t feel safe and secure in Afghanistan. Each morning starts with a barrage of notices and orders imposing restrictions and stringent rules on women, stripping away even the smallest joys and extinguishing hope for a brighter future,” she added.

“We, the women, are living in prison,” Tala emphasised, “And the Taliban are making it smaller for us every passing day.”

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