Terror outfits threaten Pakistan’s ‘security and stability’: Tillerson in India

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, during his visit to India on Wednesday, said that the United States was concerned that extremist groups “left unchecked in Pakistan” posed a “threat to the stability and security” of the government in Islamabad.

“This could lead to a threat to Pakistan’s own stability. It is not in anyone’s interests that the government of Pakistan is destabilized,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

Tillerson started talks with Indian leaders after his arrival in India and is expected to highlight the strong alliance between the two nations, with both anxious to counter China’s growing influence.

Tillerson arrived from Pakistan where he was given a low-key reception after US complaints about Islamabad backing Taliban militants on its soil.

In New Delhi Tillerson will hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after a meeting with Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. He started the day by meeting national security adviser Ajit Doval.

Tillerson also laid a wreath at a memorial to India’s independence movement leader Mahatma Gandhi, removing his shoes to approach a pillar marking the spot where Gandhi was shot dead on January 30, 1948.

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