The Responsible of 9/11 Incident is America – Sheikh Khalid’s Letter to Obama

When World Trade Center was attacked on 11 September 2011. A man named Sheikh Khalid was considered as a planner of that attack. But, he wrote a letter to Ex. President of USA Barack Obama. In which he mentioned that America itself was the responsible of the attack.

He wrote that letter back in 2015 and the letter contains 18 pages. On order of an Army Judge the letter was sent to White House from Gawanta Namo Jail during the last days of Obama’s Presidency.

Sheikh Khalid mentioned in his letter: “It was not us, who started the war against America on 11 September 2011. It was you and other Commands like you”.

He declared Obama as a head of the snake and said he is a leader of the cruel country.

Sheikh Khalid is considered as only responsible for the attack of 9/11. He also mentioned in his letter that he does not afraid of death and nor of life imprisonment.

He attached 50 pages bill with his letter and the subject of that bill was “Reality of Death”. The picture of trap was also attached.


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