This unverified Twitter account predicted Manchester attack four hours before it happened

A deadly blast at a pop concert in Manchester claimed at least 22 lives including children. What followed next was strong condemnations and condolences on the social media.

The Manchester Police is currently viewing the blast as a possible ‘terrorist attack’, though no organisation has claimed responsibility for the blast yet. “This is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until police know otherwise”, read a quote from the police in a Sun report.

In the meantime, screenshots of a couple of messages that were tweeted around 4 hours before the attack took place have begun doing the rounds on social media websites such as Twitter. These tweets – from the account @owys663 – seem to predict the incident. In one tweet it says, “#ISLAMICSTATE #manchesterarena #UK #British ARE YOU FORGET OUR THREAT ? THIS IS THE JUST TERROR”, and another was an image with the hashtag #manchesterarena.

The unverified Twitter account has now been suspended, but screenshots of the messages are being shared on the micro-blogging site. The tweets started at 6.24pm on May 22, with another at 6.28pm and yet another at 6.32pm. The blast happened at around 10.35pm, local time.

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