Three facilitators of Bisham attack apprehended

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April 01, 2024


In a significant breakthrough, the perpetrators behind the assault on Chinese engineers in the Shangla district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been apprehended.

Three alleged facilitators of the attack have been detained as part of the ongoing investigation.

Sources within the investigation team disclosed that the same militant group responsible for the previous attack on Chinese nationals in Dasu was behind the recent suicide bombing in Shangla.

It was revealed by sources close to the investigation that the vehicle used by the suicide bomber had been parked at a petrol pump for an extended period before the attack.

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Crucial information regarding the vehicle has been procured by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), including data related to its handler.

The federal government has been briefed on the progress of the investigation into the attack targeting Chinese citizens.

Meanwhile, A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday that the remains of the five Chinese victims, who were killed in a terrorist attack in Bisham in Pakistan, were brought back to China on a Pakistani military plane.

A Pakistani high-level official and the Chinese foreign ministry working group escorted the bodies on the plane, Wang Wenbin said during his regular briefing.

Wenbin said that on March 29, China’s interagency working group to Pakistan and diplomats from the embassy in Pakistan visited the relevant hospital in Rawalpindi, Punjab to mourn the five Chinese victims and convey sympathy and support from the Chinese Communist Party and the government to the staff of Chinese companies present there.

He said, “China firmly supports Pakistan in looking into what happened with utmost resolve and effort, bringing the perpetrators and whoever behind the attack to justice and everything possible to protect the safety and the security of the Chinese personnel, projects and institutions in Pakistan.”

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