TLP threatens to reinitiate countrywide sit-ins if govt doesn’t halt apprehension of its workers

Amid stern crackdown over pillage and wanton violence during sit-ins, the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan has on Tuesday threatened that religiopolitical party would once again resort to street agitation within two days if authorities don’t halt apprehension of its workers.

As per details garnered, the session of TLP Central Committee was held in Lahore on Monday. A govt delegation and TLP’s top brass comprising Khadim Rizvi and Afzal held comprehensive talks.

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Sources privy to the development told Roznama Dunya that religiopolitical group has already finalized arrangements to stage countrywide protest rallies and sit-ins if TLP fails to reach an agreement with the government.

Inside-aware has further stated that the party’s politburo would hold talks with federal ministers in the aftermath of which a future strategy would be devised.

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