Traffic Warden was shot in Rawalpindi Sixth Road who was on Duty to Stop One-Wheelers

RAWALPINDI: A traffic warden was shot and injured when he tried to stop an unidentified man riding a motorbike in Rawalpindi early on Thursday morning.

The constable was rushed to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital where doctors operated on him. He was said to be doing well afterwards.

Sohail Shahzad had been deputed under the Sixth Road flyover to check one wheeling on early Thursday morning as part of the Rawalpindi police’s ongoing drive against one-wheeling.

At around 5:30am, three men riding on two motorbikes from Rehmanabad while heading towards Islamabad approached the intersection. One of the riders was one-wheeling. When the 33-year-old Shahzad tried to intercept the bikers, a man, clad in black clothes and riding an unregistered motorbike, shot at the police officer.

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