Transparent, peaceful, free and fair elections on time is top priority of caretaker govt: Minister

The conduction of transparent, peaceful, free and fair elections on time in the country is the first and top priority of the caretaker government of Pakistan, said caretaker Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Syed Ali Zafar on Thursday.

The Federal Minister, Mr. Ali was talking to the European Election Observation Mission Pakistan during a meeting in Pakistan.

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The Deputy Chief Observer of EEOMP, Ms. Dimitra Loannou, briefed the law minister of Pakistan on the mission’s role and proposed activities.

During the meeting, the EEOMP’s delegation told the federal minister for the law that the Observer Mission had a presence in the all provinces of Pakistan and a total number of 120 observers would be deployed in the different parts and the cities of Pakistan to monitor the election process on the Election Day on July 25.

The delegation also told that the mission would release its preliminary report on July 27 and in due course would publish its final report on election observations in the country.

Mr. Ali said, during the meeting that the caretaker government of Pakistan would give its level best assistance to the Election Commission of Pakistan in order to hold transparent, peaceful and in-time elections in the country. He also assured the mission delegation that all the political parties of Pakistan are being provided a level playing field to campaign and contest the elections on July 25.

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