Twitter announced to take steps to foil political ads meddling

Twitter on Tuesday announced steps to make it easier to see who is behind political ads and who they are targeting as social media giants try to thwart skullduggery.

The moves include launching an online center with details about advertisers and their messages, according to general manager of revenue and product engineering Bruce Falck.

Twitter also plans to adopt stricter ad policies and improve controls, amid heightened scrutiny surrounding the news that Russian-backed entities used online platforms to spread disinformation during the 2016 campaign to help Republican Donald Trump defeat Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

“To make it clear when you are seeing or engaging with an electioneering ad, we will now require that electioneering advertisers identify their campaigns as such,” Falck said in an online post.

“We will also change the look and feel of these ads and include a visual political ad indicator.”

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