US added 2 senior North Korean officials to its blacklist

The Trump administration is updating its sanctions list to include two senior North Korean officials involved in the country’s illicit ballistic missile program.

The announcement comes as top White House officials have warned that the U.S. is running out of time to solve the crisis over the regime’s nuclear missile capability through its “peaceful pressure” campaign.

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Both North Korean officials were added to the United Nations’ list last Friday, with the latest round of sanctions that passed the Security Council by a 15-0 vote. North Korean allies China and Russia joined the U.S. for the third time this year in passing even more stringent measures to punish Kim Jong Un over his pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong Sik and Ri Pyong Chol are leading officials in the regime’s Munitions Industry Department, the government agency responsible for ballistic missile development and heavily sanctioned already by the United Nations and the United States.

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