‘Was I an animal’, asks Kashmiri man who was tied to jeep by Indian forces

Farooq Dar, the Kashmiri man who was tied to a jeep by an Indian Army Major has put a question to the Indian authorities about using him as a human shield.

“I want to ask only one thing; was I an animal that I was tied and exhibited?” he asked.

“Kya mein koi bhains ya bail tha,” Dar asked while talking to Hindustan Times (HT).

When a video showing Dar being used as a human shield by Major Leetul Gogoi surfaced online in April this year, it caused much rage. It showed him tied in front of an army vehicle in what seems to be an apparent attempt to shield the Indian army from protesters. In the background, an army soldier can be heard saying, “Those who throw stones will meet the same fate.”

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