Web3 browsers offer decentralised platform

In Tech
March 28, 2024

Web3 browsers aim to create a next-generation internet which is accessible to more number of users.

Through its features, Web3 browsers open up a decentralised platform working on public blockchains for its users where they can connect freely. The browsers are the new iterations of the previous models that have been available for users over the years.

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The notable features of the new browser include complete power over the content due to decentralisation, an immutable ecosystem, better transparency, privacy and security, quicker browsing performance, complete user confidentiality and integration of cryptocurrency wallets with multiple blockchains.

To use the Web3 browsers, Web3 wallets can be integrated into the older web2 browsers like Google Chrome. This way, the traditional browser can have decentralised functionality along with the other features of the new browsers.

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