Some of the weird calls Dubai Police had received

Dubai Police Department had received too many non-emergency phone calls. The Police department had urged people of Dubai that don’t dial 999 for a headache.

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Here are some of the weird calls we are going to share with you;

>A worried mother called the Dubai Police emergency number 999 when she couldn’t find her school-going child in his bed at night. The patrol team swung into action and reached her house while pacifying the panicky woman. They searched the entire building and found the child hiding on the rooftop of the house as he didn’t want to go to school.

>A small boy called the police command room, telling them that he had lost his bicycle. The boy urged the police to find his bike and return his ‘prized possession’ to him.

>A woman rang 999 and complained that she hired a maid from the recruitment office. However, she was not happy with her services and wanted to replace her with a more competent one. She was directed to the authorities concerned.

>A man called the police emergency number in the middle of the night accusing his neighbor of poisoning to death his chickens, which he raised in his house. He told the police that he wanted to file a case against his neighbor right away.

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