A wife claims that her husband sold newborn son for just Rs 5,000 in Jhelum

An unemployed and indebted man in Jhelum ‘sold’ his newborn son for Rs5,000, his wife alleged on Wednesday.

In a complaint made to the Jhelum District Police Officer (DPO) on Wednesday, a woman named Sana Zubair stated that she recently gave birth to a boy at a local hospital in Jhelum, following which her condition deteriorated and she was referred to a hospital in Rawalpindi.

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She said that upon her return from Rawalpindi, her husband, Zubair Akhtar, told her that he had handed over the infant to his sister’s landlord in return for Rs5,000.

When pressed to get the child back, the husband started quarreling before leaving the home, the wife stated.

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