Woman loses Rs 77,000 while trying to return spoilt milk

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March 27, 2024

In a bizarre incident that went viral online, an elderly woman lost INR 77,000 while trying to return the spoilt milk packet that she ordered online.

The Bengaluru-based woman ordered a packet of milk only to realize that it had gone bad, she looked up ways online to return the spoilt milk but fell victim to scammers, who robbed her of Rs 77,000.

As per local media report, the woman lived in Kasturba Nagar and often bought milk from an online grocery store. But on March 18, she got spoilt milk and wanted a refund.

She found a customer care number for the store online and called it. The person who answered claimed to be from the grocery platform and said she didn’t need to return the milk.

They promised to give her a refund if she followed some steps. Then, the woman got a WhatsApp message with a UPI ID number (081958) and was told to use an app to get her refund.

Not knowing it was a scam, she did what I asked her to do. She chose the “transfer money” option on the app, clicked on “To Bank/UPI ID,” and entered the UPI ID from WhatsApp along with the last five digits of her mobile number.

Thinking she was getting her money back, she clicked “pay.” But instead of a refund, the money was taken from her account, and the scammer hung up.

The authorities are now trying to freeze the scammer’s account under the Information Technology Act.

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