Woman has registered case against in-laws due to lack of toilet

Patna: A woman in Bihar registered a case against her in-laws for the lack of a toilet in their home in what is being described as the first such case in the state.

She withdrew the case only after they agreed in writing to the police to arrange for a toilet at home.

The bizarre incident took place at Jiyan-Khurd village in Muzaffarpur district, some 80km north of Patna.

In her complaint petition, the woman, identified as Rangeela Devi, said she came to her in-laws’ home five years back after marriage but was compelled to answer nature’s call in the open which was humiliating.

“I have been facing this humiliation for the past five years. Several eyes follow me when I go out to answer nature’s call. Despite repeated requests to my in-laws to build a toilet, they did not take any notice of my please,” she said in her petition.

Soon after the case was registered, the police swung into action and detained her in-laws. The police let them off only after they filled a bond promising to construct a toilet soon at home.

“We let them off as they gave us in writing to build a toilet soon,” local police official Jyoti Kumari said.

The problem of sanitation is quite alarming in Bihar and as per an official report, 14 million households in the state with a population of 110 million don’t have toilets at home, forcing them to defecate in the open.

Last week, even the Narendra Modi government censured the state government — headed by chief minister Nitish Kumar — over the issue.

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