“World’s heaviest woman” passed away in UAE

Abu Dhabi: Eman Abdul Atti, once known as the “world’s heaviest woman” passed away on Monday, September 25, at 4.35am due to complications from heart disease and kidney dysfunction, according to medical experts at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

Once world’s heaviest woman, she succumbed to comorbidities this morning.

A statement from Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi, where the Egyptian national was being treated, said Abdul Atti passed away at 4:35 AM on Monday due to “complications from the underlying “comorbid” conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction”.

In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional diseases or disorders co-occurring with a primary disease or disorder.

The hospital’s statement was issued by email at 10.56am on Monday.

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