A Yemeni man sent to jail for 19 years over Al-Qaeda links

JEDDAH: The Specialized Criminal Court on Monday sentenced a Yemeni to 19 years in prison and ordered him deported from the Kingdom following his sentence.

The defendant was found guilty of adopting takfirist ideology and pledging allegiance to the former leader of Al-Qaeda. His frequent travels to Afghanistan were proven where he joined Al-Qaeda camps, in addition to training young people on how to use weapons.

Also among the charges was not informing security authorities of his knowledge of someone from Al-Qaeda targeting oil facilities in Yanbu and oil pipelines in the Kingdom; distribution of Osama Bin Laden’s speeches; copying discs containing methods for preparing explosives and placing toxins; knowing a person suspected of raising funds within the Kingdom for Al-Qaeda and his involvement in the investment of these funds; he was willing to provide a computer device for the leader of Al-Qaeda in the Kingdom, Abdul Aziz Al-Muqrin; training a group of young people in the Kingdom on how to use weapons; trading in weapons for profit; and having knowledge of a group of people preparing a camp inside the Kingdom to train Saudi youths to join militants in Iraq.

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