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ECC postponed the decision of hike in the power tariff

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) on Tuesday has postponed the decision of hike in the power tariff by Rs3.75 per unit until a week. The...

Digital currency worth around $60 million has been stolen in Japan

A virtual exchange operator has claimed that the hackers have stolen digital currency worth around 6.7 million yen ($60 million) during the hacking attack...

Pakistan is considering a ban on import of cars and smartphones

Pakistani economic advisors discussed banning imports of luxury cars, smartphones and cheese in a wide-ranging strategy session on how to avoid seeking a bailout...


“Everyone deserves to feel safe on Facebook”

Facebook on Tuesday stepped up ways to battle bullying and harassment at the leading social network. The initiative calls for new tools and programs to...

Wedding has been cancelled for the girl’s excessive use of WhatsApp

A family hailing from India's state of Uttar Pradesh has called off their son's marriage to a girl over her 'excessive use of WhatsApp'. The...

Your WhatsApp personal data may not be secure after all

The end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp messages and media will not be the same when the data is stored on Google's services. "Media and messages you...