First double-decker plane by Emirates airline to fly to Pakistan

People traveling from Dubai to Pakistan and back will soon experience what it’s like to fly aboard Emirates’ A380 aircraft, the world’s largest commercial passenger plane.

According to UAE-based newspaper Gulf News, the UAE-based carrier announced that it will operate a one-off A380 flight to Islamabad next week. The first Emirates double-decker plane to fly to the Asian country will make its inaugural trip to Islamabad on a special flight EK2524/EK2525 on Sunday, July 8, 2018.

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The move, which may later pave the way for a regular deployment of the flagship plane to Pakistan, is meant to showcase Emirates’ products aboard the iconic aircraft. The airline has confirmed that it intends to make the A380 service permanent.

“We are excited that after more than 30 years of operations that the iconic flagship A380 is being brought to Pakistan and we are working with the authorities to make this a permanent flight,” a spokesperson said.

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