Russia, Iran to face new sanctions by US

WASHINGTON: The US Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed tough sanctions on Russia and Iran, sending the House of Representatives a bill that would prevent President Donald Trump from unilaterally easing penalties against Moscow.

The measure, which passed on a 98-2 vote, seeks to make Tehran pay a price for its “continued support of terrorism.”

It also aims to punish Russia´s Vladimir Putin for interfering in last year´s US election, and to make it tougher for the White House to roll back sanctions.

US intelligence chiefs have concluded that Russia orchestrated a campaign to undermine the American election process that included espionage and cyber-attacks, as a means to tilt the vote in Trump´s favor.

“Not only did we pass a new round of tough sanctions for Russia´s meddling in our election, we codified existing sanctions into law, making them harder to lift, and we moved to make Congress — not the president — the final arbiter of sanctions relief when necessary,” top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said before the vote.

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