Doctors pull a live 30 cm-long eel from man’s abdomen

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March 29, 2024

In a horrific medial emergency case, the doctors removed a foot-long live eel from a man’s belly apparently slid up his rectum in Vietnam’s northern Quang Ninh province.

A 34-year-old man was admitted to a hospital complaining severe abdominal cramps due to intestinal perforations – a life threatening condition with pierced or swollen lining inside the abdomen – on March 20, Daily Mail reported.

Initial Xray and scans showed he had foreign body wriggling inside the body and urgent surgery was suggested.

The surgeons were astonished to see a thin-slimy creature inside the body. When it was pulled with the tongs, it was a live eel more than 30 centimeters long.

After the delicate operation, the man was feeling well and complained only a mild pain inside the body.

The man was unaware, how the creature reached into his abdomen? However, doctors believed that it slid up via the rectum and entered into the stomach by piercing it.

According to the surgeons, it is a rare case in which the eel was alive inside the body.

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