Oil tanker association halts fuel supply to twin cities, northern areas

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April 16, 2024


The Rawalpindi Oil Tanker Association ceased on Tuesday the supply of fuel to the twin cities and upper parts of the country.

The association ceased supply to Islamabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, Skardu, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Azad Kashmir regions, claiming that their demands have not been met and supply will not resume till the authorities follow the agreement reached on February 20.

The issue was reportedly brought to the attention of OGRA and the Ministry of Petroleum on several occasions.

“The tanker owners and consumers are defrauded due to inadequate supply of petrol and diesel which is inflicting severe loss to them,” the protestors said.

However, Chairman of the All Pakistan Oil Tanker Association Mir Shams Shahwani said that the “deliveries to all depots are continuing without disruption”.

Shahwani also advocated for action against the “striking mafias” and denounced their actions to exploit the situation for personal gain. Furthermore, he urged the registration of cases against them.

Earlier in 2023, the prolonged strikes brought forth challenges in oil supply. The oil companies mentioned scarcity, pressing for government intervention to avoid the crisis.

“Due to the strike by oil transporters across the country, there is a problem in the supply of petroleum products,” an OCAC letter to the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Division stated.

This month marked the second hike in petrol prices. The prices are raised by up to Rs 8.14 per litre due to global oil price fluctuations. The petrol prices jumped by Rs4.53 per litre while diesel increased by 8.14 per litre. The prompt consideration by the IMF may potentially lead to further hikes in the future.


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